Help maintain their joints and keep them flexible with Glucosamine

Helps soothe problem joints with MSM

Support smoother joint movement with Hyaluronic Acid

Support bones, connective tissue and cartilage with Vitamin C

Sourced from beef, help repair deteriorating joint cartilage with Collagen Protein


About Pawtrition

Arthritis in pets

Arthritis can be a debilitating condition in humans and it is no different for our pets. Today pet parents look after their pets so well that both cats and dogs are living longer. Age related conditions, such as Arthritis are becoming more common in our pets. However, easy-to-use and cost effective solutions are limited. That’s why Pawtrition is the perfect addition to your pets everyday diet plan.

How can Pawtrition help?

Pawtrition has been carefully crafted by highly qualified pet specialists and nutritionists. Included in Pawtrition is 2,000mg of Collagen protein which helps to repair deteriorating joint cartilage.  It also contains Glucosamine, MSM and Collagen which fight the debilitating issues that come with joint problems and give Pawtrition the power to ease the pain in your pets’ joints. Pawtrition offers you a higher concentration of ingredients and better quality product. Unlike other brands we don’t pack our product full of refiners, this means everything that you pay for works towards the improvement in your pets’ quality of life.

Great! How do I purchase?

You can purchase Pawtrition by clicking on the BUY NOW button on the home page tabs (or the right hand side if using on mobile) or by CLICKING HERE. We offer great value packages as well as FREE delivery to Ireland and the UK.

You can also change your currency to pay in either Euro or Sterling. Simply change the currency on the home page tab (or the right hand side if using mobile).


I just want to say that Geniro is doing fantastic and I believe Pawtrition really helped him. To simply put it - I haven’t seen him as happy in a long time. He’s got a spring in his step. Last week we went for a family walk in Cappagh Pitches. A walk I haven’t done in years with him as he would be crippled for days after. He was literally like a young puppy running and hopping around. My wife said she never saw him like that in the 10yrs she’s known him. Whatever magic is in those sachets, it has obviously eased some discomfort for him and given him a new lease of life. It’s heartwarming to see him so happy lately.

Geniro I believe Pawtrition really helped him

Buster is definitely more full of life and a spring is definitely back in his step. He's seven so not a real old dog but definitely pushing on. But you'd notice he's quicker getting up and out of his bed and seems to have some new energy about him.

BusterBuster is definitely more full of life

Started using pawtrition mobility since I won some at the canicross Ireland event sponsored by paw trition I have a 6 yr old Doberman I have to say I would be a sceptic but I have to admit I have noticed a difference in his performance we had a couple of busy weeks running and he has been on top form the best I've seen him moving and he is full of running definitely recommend for the active dog and dogs getting on in years who need a good joint supplement.

Zeusdefinitely recommend for the active dog

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